FREE local delivery for Members (Silver - spend min. $30)

Sign up now to become a Silver Member for FREE!

FREE local delivery for Members (Silver - spend min. $30)

Sign up now to become a Silver Member for FREE!

FREE local delivery for Members (Silver - spend min. $30)

Sign up now to become a Silver Member for FREE!

Club Kaleido



What is Club Kaleido?

Club Kaleido is a loyalty rewards program that allows you to earn points, redeem exciting rewards and enjoy special perks and experiences. Signing up is free and membership is for a lifetime!

How do I earn Club Kaleido reward points?

You can earn points by spending with us. Earn 1 point for every S$1 spent online or in-stores. Note: Points earned are based on your final purchase amount after subtracting any discounts applied. The purchase amount also excludes shipping fees. The purchase amount paid via Gift Cards and Store Credits will not earn points as well.
Points will expire at the end of the month after a 12-month period.
The above applies to all Club Kaleido members, no matter what membership tier you’re currently at.

How do I sign up?

There are 2 ways to sign up for a Club Kaleido account.

Kaleido Website
Click on the ‘Person’ Icon at the upper right corner of our website. A sign-up modal will appear. 
Click ‘Sign Up’.
Register with your email address.
Fill out the details needed and click on 'Create Account'. 
Click on the ‘Person’ Icon again and you should see your profile name updated, as well as other menu functions available to Kaleido members.

Kaleido Stores
Please approach one of our friendly retail staff and they'll be happy to help sign you up. Or, you can scan the QR codes in-stores to sign up.

What are the different membership tiers?

There are three different tiers for Club Kaleido : Platinum, Gold and Silver.
To become:
Silver: Simply sign up for a Club Kaleido account, no spends are required
Gold: Spend an accumulated amount of S$200 in your tier cycle
Platinum: Spend an accumulated amount of S$600 in your tier cycle
I joined on 1 Jun 2022 as a silver member and made a purchase of $50 on 1 Jun 2022.
I made another purchase of $150 on 3 Aug 2022 and have accumulated $200 spends within 12 months from my signup date (1 Jun 2022)
Hence, I am upgraded to Gold on 3 Aug 2022, with my tier expiry date updated to 2 Aug 2023 (12 months or 365 days later)


When does my tier cycle start and end?

Your tier cycle starts when you join the loyalty program and goes on for 12 months unless your current tier is upgraded. If upgraded, the new tier cycle will get extended for 12 months, ending after 12 months from the date of upgrade. 
E.g. I joined the loyalty program on 1 Jan 2023 and got upgraded to Gold on 20 Apr 2023. 
Original tier cycle: 1 Jan 2023 to 31 Dec 2023 (12 months or 365 days)
New tier cycle after upgrade: 20 Apr 2023 to 19 Apr 2024 (12 months or 365 days; assuming no further tier upgrades in this period)


What happens if my tier gets downgraded?

Not to worry, you’ll still get to enjoy the benefits of your new tier. As a Silver or Gold member, you still get to enjoy many benefits.
The good news is that you will not lose any of your points. As soon as you’ve met the minimum spend required to reach the next tier, you’ll be upgraded again! Find out how much you need to spend to reach the next tier by:
Visiting the My Account page or
Clicking on the ‘Person’ icon on upper right corner of our website > ‘My Account’