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Kaleido 101: Preserve and Adore

It happens to the best of us — when your favourite jewellery piece tarnishes, and they no longer sell it in stores to get a replacement. Here are some tips and tricks from us to preserve and adore your prized assortments!

Let's Talk Tarnishing...

What is tarnishing? and why does your jewellery tarnish even with little water contact?

When our beloved accessories lose their shine, it’s because they’ve tarnished - turning them dull and lacklustre. Moisture, air, chemicals, or even our lovely skin's pH levels can gang up on your precious metals like gold, silver or brass.

Tarnishing can be frustrating, especially when you have to watch your favourite pieces lose their colour and have their layers wear off over time. Not to mention, tarnished pieces may cause skin irritation! The good news is that there’s a way to prevent this and we’re not gatekeeping!

Our Tarnish Resistant Formula

Here at Kaleido, we love accessorising without breaking the bank! As we understand the importance of attaining longevity in our products while keeping them affordable, we have formulated the perfect tarnish-resistant finish.

Working closely with our manufacturers in South Korea, all of our jewellery are triple-plated to fortify them against easy tarnishing - think of it as the superhero suit for your bling! With genuine 14/18k Gold, Rhodium and Rose Gold plating, we’ll have your favourite Kaleido pieces dazzling!

It’s important to note that while we have triple-plated our jewellery to prevent easy tarnishing, we advise you not to wear your jewellery while showering or when using cleaning products, lotions or perfumes. These are still plated jewellery; eventually, these chemicals can cause tarnishing or affect the coating’s integrity.

Kaleido Tip: Save your perfume mist for your décolletage! Accessorising should be your absolute last step before leaving the house to keep your piece in tip-top condition!

Achieving The Sparkling Clean

We hear you! Tarnishing is no joke, and it’s tiring to keep having to replace your jewellery. But believe us when we say, a little tender loving care goes far!

Using a clean dry cloth, give your jewellery a gentle rubdown, and watch the dirt, oils, and smudges disappear - it’s like a spa day for your jewellery! This pampering will be the easiest cleanse to ensure your favourite pieces stay as dazzling as the day you first laid eyes on them.

Can’t find a suitable cloth? Don’t worry; our Kaleido Cleaning Cloth and Lock Bag provides the utmost care for your jewellery. Our Kaleido Cleaning Cloth is made of microfibre and it is perfect for cleaning your jewellery without scratching or harming them, and our airtight Lock Bag to store them to prevent tarnishing!

Preserve and Adore

All in all... Tarnishing is inevitable for plated metal pieces, but with a little bit of care and our triple-plating system, you can preserve your favourite pieces and adore them for years to come!

Late to the club? Check out our classic tarnish-resistant selections below.

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