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How To: Layer Your Necklaces

Necklaces - they sit gently on the crevices of your neck, highlighting your décolletage and making for the perfect accessory. Be it a simple and classic chain or a bold and chunky statement piece, we all love them, we all wear them. But… it doesn’t hurt to admit that it gets boring wearing the same pieces over and over again.

With summer just around the corner, there really is no better time than the present to add a little spice to our looks. By rehashing old favourites and stacking them, you can customise and create a new lush, layered necklace. Whether you are taking a minimal approach or experimenting with different colours, the trend of necklace layering is here to stay, and now is your time to find the perfect layered look.

Curate A Theme

The first step to layering necklaces is to curate a theme - a vibe or aesthetic you wish to achieve with this layered stack. While the key is to select necklaces that are different in lengths and textures, curating and sticking to a theme can easily prevent your layered necklaces from looking cluttered. For example, you can wear all dainty and delicate necklaces for a feminine look or all bohemian-inspired pieces for a more eclectic vibe.

Kaleido’s Tip #1: One of the best ways we recommend to curate a theme is to choose your favourite piece and work around that. Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles!

Layer in Threes

The rule of three is a great guideline to creating depth and dimension - by getting the spacing right, you’re already halfway there. A good rule of thumb is to have each necklace be at least 2 inches longer or shorter in length than the one before it.

First Layer - Start the first layer with a choker or a short necklace that sits around the base of your neck.

Mid Layer - Textured chains are perfect to give dimension.

Final Layer - Add a long necklace or pendant that sits at your chest. This creates a balanced and chic look.

Kaleido’s Tip #2: Too many statement pieces can throw off balance. We recommend adding smaller necklaces into the mix to create the perfect cascading look that plunges elegantly into your neckline.

Experiment With Pendants

Adding pendants to your layered necklaces can add a focal point and create a cohesive look. Try layering necklaces with different pendant shapes and sizes, such as a small coin pendant and a larger statement pendant.

Kaleido’s Tip #3: If you opt for a smaller pendant, try using a shorter chain! Smaller pendants are more noticeable when they are worn closer to the chin.

Don't Fear Thickness

Pairing a delicate pendant piece with a chunky chain necklace can create a beautiful contrast. Mixing thin and thick chains can create interesting visuals, just like with different lengths, this contrast adds dimension and texture to your outfit. You can also experiment with different chain styles such as rope, herringbone, curb, rolo, or even bead. The possibilities are endless.

Keep It Simple

Remember, less is more. Try not to go overboard with too many necklaces or pendants. The key is to keep it simple - layer 2 to 4 necklaces that complement your outfit, not overpower it. With these tips, you can master the art of layering necklaces and add unique flair to your outfit.

Kaleido's Tip #4: Experiment with different necklaces until you find the perfect combination that speaks to your personality! Most importantly, have fun layering!

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